The Bargain - Season II

Spotlight: The Bargain Season II

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Episode I of The Bargain (Season II)

Length: More Details Coming 

Summary: Season II in Port Elizabeth - The Rise of Thembeka

Status: August 2020

Season II Episode I of The Bargain
Length: 10 Chapters (25,000 words)

Watching her father, the great Chief Zifihlephi decline, reliving daily his disgrace has filled Thembeka, Princess of the Xhosa with rage. She will not rest until all who have plotted against his crown are destroyed. She’ll even work with the English dogs to gain the advantage. Yet, what more is she willing to sacrifice to gain revenge, her dignity, her heart, or her life?

Hiding from scandal, Percival Theol, the black sheep of the English Prime Minister’s family has been sent to his uncle in Port Elizabeth on a mission of redemption. Trying to hide in the shadows is impossible when an irresistible challenge is set in front him, one with eyes of bronze and a determination as strong as diamonds. With everything at stake in the escalating tensions of the Xhosa and English, is he willing to be a traitor to his country or his heart?


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