Austen’s World Wrap Up. September 14, 2017

Looks What’s Brewing in the Regency

  • Do you love fairy tales?
    My new book Yuletide Truce, which comes out next week, starts with dueling reviews of a collection of fairy tales: The Fairy Ring, published on 9 December 1845 (though the title page gives the year of publication as 1846), in … Continue reading
  • Heat and Light in Austen’s Novels (Part 1): Fires – Rachel Dodge
    At the heart of every household in Jane Austen’s time, a fire burned. Fires provided a fixed source of heat and light, around which people gathered and moved, cooked and cleaned, lived and socialized. And while it’s lovely to imagine that families in Austen’s day gathered together in the evening simply because they enjoyed one […]

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