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I love History, Romance, the Regency, Food, Family, Faith and Friends.

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Vanessa Riley


Queen of Exiles

Queen Marie-Louise Coidavid Christophe is a forgetten queen, elegant, loyal, a survivor. You need to know more about her and the Regency-Georgian Times of her reign.  Queen of Exiles releases July 2023.


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Murder in Westminster


The first in a vibrant, inclusive new historical mystery series by acclaimed author Vanessa Riley portrays the true diversity of the Regency-era, as a widow whose skin color and notorious family history have left her with few friends she can rely on - just as the local vicar names her the prime suspect in a murder case. . .

"Snappy dialogue, abundant intrigue, and Abbie and Stapleton's increasingly flirtatious antagonism keep the tension high and the narrative drive strong. Smart, fun, and full of moxie." --- Kirkus Reviews

"A great read to add to your current must-read lists." -- Essence Magazine
"Fans of Regency-era historical mysteries featuring intelligent heroines (such as Andrea Penrose's Lady Arianna or Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily) will find this series a welcome addition to the genre." -- Library Journal

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Sister Mother Warrior

Two women join together to defeat their oppressors and help a nation become free. Based on the true lives of Adbaraya Toya and Marie-Clair Bonheur.

Sister Mother Warrior is a Summer Pick or Starred Review for the following:

starred review Hot Audiobook pick for July 2022                 


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Library Journal Review - "Riley follows up Island Queen with another sweeping, powerful historical novel based on two remarkable real women."


Island Queen

A remarkable, sweeping historical novel based on the incredible true life story of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, a free woman of color who rose from slavery to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful landowners in the colonial West Indies.

Bookclubs and Booksellers' Picks and Starred Reviews:

GMA BUzz Pick of Island QueenIndie Next pick for July 2021Booklist Starred Review of the Audio Island selected for Delilah Bookclub 


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New York Times Book Review - "Island Queen provides an incisive interior view of some of the thorniest aspects of West Indian colonial culture. Evocative and immersive, Riley's narrative bears that weight with grace; discovering Dorothy's story is a singular pleasure."


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Island Queen has been optioned for an adaptation to Television by Longboat Pictures with Julie Anne Robinson, Adjoa Andoh, and Victoria Fea as executive producers.